What is Google Member? Innovation at Google

what is google Member innovation

So what exactly is Google Member? This innovation management program allows anyone to post questions and vote for them to be answered by Google engineers. It helps employees discover existing ideas and suggestions and also generates new ones. It is one of Google’s “20 percent” projects – where engineers spend 20 percent of their time working on something they enjoy. It also helps Google attract talented individuals from outside the company. What’s great about it is that it is open to everyone and encourages collaboration and innovation.

It’s an approach Google pioneered when it came to the Internet. The search engine company has long been known for launching ‘half-baked’ products. They use user feedback to refine their services and products and keep employees updated. In fact, their products are considered a success because they have evolved from the original concept and are continuously improving. Despite the failures, they view these as stepping stones towards achieving their ultimate goal.

Google has a culture of innovation. The organization encourages employees to put the user’s needs first. Google hires exceptional professionals and offers training to individuals and teams. Employees can use the G2G network to share ideas. There is no greater reward than seeing your ideas come to life. This culture is a source of continuous innovation and a foundation for sustaining a company culture. The company also encourages open sourcing.