What is a Vulva? Infection?


If you experience a fishy odour or watery discharge, you may have a vulva? infection. Other STIs include chlamydia, which can cause no symptoms but can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. If you change partners, it is important to schedule regular sex checkups. You may also be suffering from a vulval ulcer. Treatment for these conditions depends on the type and severity of your STI.

The vulva is the external area of the female genitals, which includes the vagina and labia. It is also lined with a subcutaneous fat pad, known as mons pubis. The mons pubis is formed by fusing the labia majora and minora, which are two folds of skin outside of the vagina. The labia majora is the larger of the two, with the labia minora lying within the labia majora. In addition, the vaginal opening, or fourchette, is lined with the vulva, with a small round organ (the clitoris).

The vulva is a vital reproductive organ for women. It consists of two distinct parts: the glans clitoris, and the body of the vulva. Both sit on an underlying tissue, called the corpus cavernous, which becomes flushed with blood during arousal. The body of the vulva has several arteries and nerves that supply the internal organs.