What is Google’s “Digitally Extended Realities” Initiative?

what is google Digitally extended realities innovation

When you think about it, what is Google’s “Digitally extended realities” initiative? You might be wondering, what exactly is it and how is it going to impact our lives? Here are some of the key facts to help you understand the possibilities. And don’t worry if you’re not a techie – it’s easy to use, too! And it’s free! Unlike virtual reality, it doesn’t require any installation!

XR is the latest buzzword in the tech industry. This new concept encompasses virtual, augmented and mixed realities. This type of experience allows you to interact with the world around you, while adding new features and experiences to existing ones. One example of a digitally extended reality (XR) application is scrolling through a menu. It can be used to view products and services that you wouldn’t normally be able to see in person.