What is Google Sweden?

If you have been in the tech industry for any length of time, you’ve likely wondered what is Google Sweden? Innovations at Google can range from video sharing to cloud storage. Google Sweden has even expanded beyond its core search engine to provide a wide range of other services, such as email and calendars. Today, it also offers mapping services through Waze and Street View, as well as video chat and instant messaging. In addition to its web presence, Sweden is now a hub for blog and video sharing.

As the world’s fastest-growing technology company, Google’s innovation process is focused on improving things ten times or even by ten percent. Google is committed to helping startups solve important challenges with speed and innovation. Its global network of innovation facilities includes workspaces, classrooms, cafes, and events for an ever-growing community of entrepreneurs. In Sweden, the startup community is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The Google Sweden campus offers both work spaces and community spaces for companies in the tech industry.

In addition to its innovative tech startup ecosystem, Sweden is home to more unicorns per capita than any other city in Europe. The city is home to 22,000 tech companies and 18 percent of its population is employed in technology-related roles. Sweden, meanwhile, is the only European nation with a higher percentage of its workforce working in tech-related roles. It also boasts many global brands, such as IKEA, Spotify, Volvo, Ericsson, and Electrolux.