What is Google Industrial History?

what is google Industrial history innovation

If you are wondering “What is Google’s Industrial history?” you are not alone. There are countless other companies who are trying to innovate as well, and you can bet that Google is no exception. From the first Google Search Appliance, to charging for advertising using cost-per-click pricing, to rebranding its driverless car project as “Spectacles” – there is much more innovation happening at Google than you might think.

Google has developed numerous products that have become extremely useful. Their first attempt to build a self-driving car was a fleet of seven Toyota Priuses. This effort later developed into a stand-alone business called Waymo. It has now developed its own algorithms for self-driving cars, and is launching commercial services in 2018.

The company was founded as a research project in 1995 when Page was still a student at Stanford. He met fellow CS student Sergey Brin and began researching the behaviors of linking on the World Wide Web. Eventually, he developed a system for determining which pages were linking to each other. Ultimately, the two entrepreneurs created a company that would eventually take over the world of advertising. But not until they had some serious funding, did they actually make Google a viable business?