What is the Brand Siteone Landscape Supply?

What is the brand Siteone Landscape Supply? You may be wondering, what makes this company so great? The answer lies in its size, which is over $23 billion. This company has been growing in size steadily over the years, from $1.86 billion in 2017 to $3.48 billion in 2021. This means that it’ll have grown by 28.5%, with an additional 22% growth in organic daily sales. The company attributes some of this growth to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Located in Houston, Texas, SiteOne Landscape Supply is a destination for landscape professionals. Their unbeatable service in-store has earned them a loyal following. They provide everything from nursery supplies to turf and irrigation products. With their recent eCommerce site, SiteOne needed to create customer education materials. BrightWave was able to do so by bringing the company’s spirit of personalized service to a series of emails.

As the leading national wholesale landscape supply distributor in the US, SiteOne has a diverse customer base, spanning over 590 branch locations in forty-six states and six Canadian provinces. Its sales are driven by the needs of landscape professionals. Approximately 60 percent of sales are from residential customers, while 30% come from commercial customers. The rest of SiteOne’s revenue is generated by commercial and recreational customers.

A national wholesale distributor of landscaping supplies, SiteOne has branches in half of the 384 MSAs in the United States. It also has branches in green and blue businesses. Its SG&A is higher than that of the pool supply industry. SiteOne estimates that there are more than a thousand landscape supply distributors in the United States, but that about 25% are worth acquiring. In addition to its extensive product line, the company also offers consultative services and technical seminars.