What is Google Baseball?

what is google Baseball innovation

What is Google’s latest project? It’s a multi-year collaboration between MLB and Google. Google will be the official cloud for the MLB, allowing the organization to use Google’s industry-leading analytics and machine learning tools. For the third straight year, MLB will use Google Ad Manager, with the Dynamic Ad Insertion feature. The collaboration will also enable MLB to use the Cloud’s scalable data analytics and machine learning capabilities.

The collaboration between MLB and Google began in the spring of 2017. The two companies worked together to manage the websites of each team, provide cloud-based solutions for online ticket sales, and help with video play review. The companies developed a platform called Blue, which provides a real-time view of the baseball field with data from scoreboards. The platform shows pitch count, ball/strike, and active players’ stats.

The project’s capabilities will help MLB better understand player performance and improve baseball analytics. MLB plans to introduce the upgraded Statcast platform on Opening Day 2020, with optical tracking sensors from Hawk-Eye Innovations and cloud infrastructure from Google Cloud. This new platform will help MLB gather more data than ever before, including player, pitch, and hit tracking. It will also be able to scale its insights to the World Series. If successful, this collaboration will enable the MLB to offer a new level of fan engagement, improved game statistics, and enhanced analytics and video content.