E-Commerce Rossmann Web Site

The company behind the E-commerce Rossmann web site is the Dirk-Rossmann-GmbH, one of the largest drugstore chains in Europe. Their network of over four thousand stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy boasts over four million items for sale. The business faces challenges of handling high orders during promotional periods and weekends, which makes online delivery of merchandise an essential component of their business.

In Germany, for example, a bestseller named Der neunte Arm des Oktopus was published. Sales through ROSSMANN stores exceeded the sales of the book at drugstores and non-book specialty stores. In other words, the E-commerce web site has an information effect far beyond the marketing campaign. And the company’s sales have increased by seven percent in just a few months. While this may seem like a small amount, it demonstrates the importance of a good marketing strategy.