E-Commerce Miss Etam Web Site

Ecommerce Miss Etam web site

The E-commerce Miss Etam web site is live and ready for business. The brand is not yet a multi-channel speler, but it plans to become one in the near future. The company has a new look and a new platform. NextChapter, a Dutch webshopsoftware provider, built the platform in four months. The company plans to become a multichannel speler and has a live web shop, as well as a brick and mortar shop.

The company will go 100% online in 2019 with the help of Brantano e-commerce managers. Previously, the brand was part of FNG, a Belgian modegroup that failed last year. Retailinvesteerder Martijn Rozenboom is now running the brand and plans to go 100% online by 2020. E-commerce managers are also in charge of the Miss Etam web site. They will also be in charge of the retail store.

The E-commerce Miss Etam web site has improved the user experience of the online store. It has significantly shortened the load time and has reduced errors that occur when users try to load a page. The company’s online store now takes less than a second to load. This saves 4.4 seconds, or nearly 50 milliseconds per page. In addition to that, Etam’s web site now shows a clearer path to customer satisfaction.