What is the Brand Herms?

What is the brand Herms? was a popular question for years. The brand has a long history that dates back to 1837. The company was founded by Thierry Hermes, who later passed the business on to his son Charles-Emile Hermes. Charles-Emile Hermes passed the business on to his sons Adolphe and Emile-Maurice. After Emile-Maurice Hermes died, his son-in-law, Robert Dumas, took the reins. The firm was still closely connected to the Dumas family, but the company did a great deal to break free.

The brand started as a harness workshop in Paris, which catered to the upper class of Europeans. It soon expanded into other areas, including saddlery and clothing. Its high-end pieces quickly gained recognition and landed Hermes clients, including Russian czars. The company’s logo is an emblazoned horse carriage, which signifies the brand’s heritage. But the brand also produces clothing, shoes, and accessories for the home, the office, and sports.

Hermes has an interesting strategy. Instead of mass producing their products, Hermes creates each product by hand, usually by just one craftsman. The result is a high-end product, which is only available to the elite. Its mission is to remain an exclusive brand that can only be bought by those who have money to pay it. With so few products available, the company’s prices aren’t very high.