What is Google Tracker Technology?

What is Google tracker technology? This technology allows Google to see where you have been and retarget you with relevant offers. It has been used by companies for some time and has a lot of potential. You can market your business better when you know where your customers are and where they might be going next. Google tracker can also analyze your travel patterns to determine when and where to advertise to them. Read on to learn more about this innovative technology.

The first problem with cohort IDs is that they do not differentiate users from others, which gives fingerprinters a huge advantage. Since cohort IDs can only be found in a few thousand to a hundred million different devices, tracking is not as difficult as it may seem. The tracker will only need to distinguish your browser from a handful of other browsers. In addition, FLoC cohorts can have up to 8 bits of entropy and are unlikely to be correlated with other information.

A similar method of proximity tracking has been developed by Google and Apple. It uses Bluetooth to detect the presence of other devices within a few feet. If you’ve opted-in, the app will alert you whenever a person has the coronavirus. These technologies are not yet ready for use by the public, but are on their way. They’re only a couple of months away from being released.