What is Google Skyscraper? Innovation at Its Best

A Google Skyscraper is a huge new building being constructed by the company in the city of London. The company will be opening its European headquarters in this building, which will be its first skyscraper. London is famous for being a very horizontal city, and buildings rarely exceed four floors. However, Google has plans to break this mold and create a building with more than 100 floors in the heart of the city’s financial district, King’s Cross.

The company is reportedly working with a Danish architect to design the building, which will be larger than the Shard. The building will be 330 metres long, longer than it is wide, and will house around 7,000 employees. It will have large well-being spaces, including a gym, an interior basketball court, a swimming pool, and massage rooms. Google is a company that is committed to innovation, and the Google Skyscraper is a great example of that.