What is Google Ecosoft Water Technology?

The company’s latest innovations are making waves around the world, including its wave-powered desalination system. With these innovative devices, communities in remote areas can produce their own clean water. This eliminates the need for chemicals that can be expensive to use. Here’s what you need to know about this technology. Continue reading to learn about other innovative technologies that are helping villages around the world.

Ecosoft was founded in 1991 alongside the new Ukrainian state. PhD chemists met in a chemical lab to find effective solutions for purifying water. The team developed and patented ECOMIX, their flagship material for problem water. In 1999, Dow Chemical became aware of their innovative filters and became an official distributor. Specialists adopted best practices from Dow Chemical, and in 2000, a manufacturing plant was built in Kyiv suburbs.

The company has successfully entered new markets, like India, where the Narmada River is highly polluted. This river serves 75 million people in Gujarat, but is also a major source of waste water and wastewater. The company’s system treats 2.5 million litres of water daily in Madhya Pradesh and recycles up to 500,000 liters of wastewater a day in Delhi.

Another innovative technology is the use of nanotechnology. Researchers at the Johnson Space Center invented a new way to clean water. The use of acoustics in place of pressure helps water molecules pass through carbon nanotubes. This new technology uses less power than traditional filtration and is portable. It eliminates the need to flush the filter system, which is essential for water purification in developing countries.