How to Make a Resume

If you’re wondering how to make a resume, there are several things to consider. First of all, your work history is the most important part of your resume. An employer is looking for details on where you worked, when you worked there, and what your job responsibilities were in each position. This will show how your education and experience match up with the specific requirements of the position you are applying for. When writing your resume, put your job titles first and the dates of your employment last. You can then list your achievements in bullet form for each position. For your current job, use the present tense, while for previous employment, use the past tense.

Next, pay attention to the length. A one-page resume was the norm a few years ago, but that was a mistake. Trying to pack too much information on one page is a sign that you can’t edit your document properly. Keeping it to two pages is a good rule of thumb, but three pages is out of bounds. If you have a compelling story to tell, you should use more space. Links are an excellent way to supplement your resume. However, they must motivate the hiring manager.

During the writing process, be sure to spell check and format your resume in an organized fashion. Use strong action verbs and hyperlinks whenever possible. For example, “I raised over $5,000 for a research project in Brazil” or “I wrote three grant proposals.”