Google Industrial Robot Industry

Google is pursuing a bold goal: to make industrial robots as easy to buy as computers. This ambitious plan has inspired the creation of an AI and robotics software company called Intrinsic. The company was spun off from Alphabet’s X moonshot factory, where the company experiments with areas outside of its core businesses. These machines will enable companies to produce more efficient and environmentally friendly products. The current cost of industrial robots makes them only accessible to large corporations with specialized skills.

In 2013, Google went on a robotics buying spree and purchased seven robotics companies in six months. The team that created Replicant, headed by Andy Rubin, also co-founder of the Android mobile operating system, is still working on improving the robots. However, robotics are difficult to build and are not profitable, so the company has been forced to sell most of its robotics assets. Andy Rubin left Google in 2014 after sexual harassment allegations were filed against him.

Alphabet’s investment in Intrinsic aims to unlock the creative potential of industrial robotics. By developing software that makes industrial robots easier to use and cheaper, the company hopes to level the playing field for companies in other industries. The company’s goal is to improve manufacturing processes worldwide. This could prove lucrative. In addition to the Google Industrial Robot Industry, Intrinsic will also help budding entrepreneurs.