Can You Only Get Pregnant When Ovulating?

Can you only get pregnant when ovulating or can you conceive whenever you want? If so, then you should know the answer to this question. Ovulation is the fertile phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It occurs once a month and occurs when a woman releases an egg. This egg then travels through the fallopian tubes until it is fertilized by sperm. The sperm will then fertilize the egg and then travel down to the womb. Ovulation is one of the most fertile days in a woman’s cycle, and planning sex during this time is vital for conception.

There are many causes for ovulation delaying. Some of these are natural, while others stem from underlying medical conditions. For example, certain medications, emotional factors, and even certain genetics can prevent women from ovulating. For these reasons, women who are experiencing delayed ovulation should see their doctor to discuss their specific situation. For example, women who had higher levels of the stress enzyme adenosine kinase may take longer to conceive than those who were ovulating normally.

If you’re having sex regularly, you’re in good shape to conceive. A fertile window usually exists between five days prior to ovulation and one day after. While the fertile window may vary each month, the best time to have sex is one day before or one day after ovulation. While there are ways to conceive during the anovulatory phase, it is almost impossible to conceive during the first two days of this period.