What is the Definition of Coitus?


What is the definition of coitus? A definition can vary according to the type of sexual intercourse. Coitus is an intercourse in which the male penis is inserted into the vagina, either at the rear or between the thighs. Moreover, it can also refer to intercourse between two partners or to intercourse. In addition, the word coitus can also be defined as a sexual activity involving the production of gametes. Gametes are reproductive cells that contain a haploid number of chromosomes, while body cells are diploid.

Oral coitus occurs when a man and a woman make contact with each other’s genitals, usually by dipping the mouth into the vagina. It is also called cunnilingus, from the Latin words cunnus and lingere, meaning “to lick.” Many cultures practice this form of sexual intercourse, but it can be dangerous. In some cases, air bubbles can enter the bloodstream, making the process risky.