What is Google Sunshine? Innovation aimed at Building Community

what is google Sunshine innovation

One of the most important aspects of the new Google search engine, called “Sunshine,” is its interface. The new app has some similarities to Google’s home page, with a colorful logo that acts as the main window for its features. While early prototypes of the app crammed functionality into a long menu, the most recent version has ditched the menu and instead features oversized buttons that lead to key features. The new interface reflects computer science and AI to streamline the user experience.

Users are free to opt in or out of sharing their location, email addresses and address books with Sunshine. It also allows users to hide information about their personal lives from others. The app shows a list of users who will be notified when information about them changes. Users can share information with contacts that they are most interested in. The new innovation is aimed at building community by allowing users to share personal data with one another. It can also share personal information with users who are in close proximity.

The Sunshine team started out as Lumi Labs, an artificial intelligence company founded by Marissa Mayer. It aims to improve everyday applications for consumers. Last year, the team behind Lumi Labs released a desktop app called Holiday Helper. It helped users create their holiday mailing list, although it wasn’t fully fleshed out. Ultimately, it was a learning experience for the team. Sunshine plans to use this method in the future to develop a portfolio of consumer-facing applications.