CNO Financial Group

What is CNO Financial Group? The CNO Financial Group is a financial services firm with subsidiaries that market individual life insurance, health insurance, and annuities. It also offers workforce benefits solutions. The company is a parent company to seven insurance companies: Bankers Life, Colonial Penn, Washington National, Direct Path, and Web Benefits Design. The brand is available through independent agents, career agents, and direct mail.

The CNO Financial Group was founded in 1979. Today, the company provides health insurance, life insurance, annuities, and retirement solutions to middle-class Americans. Its legacy environment includes 30 companies and more than 300 platforms. CNO Financial Group’s legacy systems rely on 10,000 workflows that require staff to input data twice, swivel from one screen to another, and cut and paste data. To tackle the challenges of legacy systems, the company set a two-year transformation goal. The CNO Financial Group identified common data, workflow themes, and processes across the company.