Why Does My Vagina Smell Fishy?

why does my vagina smell fishy

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why does my vagina smell fishy?” you’re not alone. Millions of bacteria live in the vagina, and some of them are harmless. The smell you’re experiencing may signal a health problem, though it is rare. If you’re not sure why your vagina smells fishy, read on to find out the causes and possible treatment options. Read on to learn how to get rid of the smell and avoid infections.

A few simple lifestyle changes can help you minimize your vaginal odor. Using unscented underwear and avoiding hot tubs may help you. Home remedies like drinking pineapple juice and eating pineapple can also help. But don’t expect these methods to work for everyone. If your vaginal odour persists, see your doctor. Listed below are some common causes of vaginal odour.

Some symptoms of a bacterial infection include a fishy odor after sex. You may experience this odor after having sex, or it may appear just after. Some of these symptoms are indicative of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Your doctor can treat it with antibiotics. If the infection is not cured, you may continue to experience fishy odor. And don’t forget that a good gynecologist can also help you prevent an infection.

In some cases, the source of the fishy smell can be bacterial. If the source of the smell is a bacterial infection, your doctor may prescribe you with a bacterial-killing medicine. Alternatively, a pH-balancing gel may also help. To prevent bacterial infections, you should wash your vagina after a workout and pat it dry. The odor will likely vary with your monthly cycle. For best results, wash the vulva with soap and water and avoid a douching procedure.