What is Google’s Water Industry Index?

Innovation in the water industry is a hot topic these days. In fact, water is undergoing a major transformation from a free-flowing resource to a commodity with huge societal and economic implications. This transformation is already underway, with data-driven technology and associated digital services sweeping the market. If you’re wondering what’s next, consider these key trends:

First of all, there’s a growing knowledge gap in the water industry. A generation of experts is approaching retirement, which means there’s a shortage of skilled people to tackle the increasingly complex problems. In the UK, we’re witnessing the emergence of a water sector innovation fund. This fund aims to address this problem by collaborating with experts in the water industry. It will provide a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and best practices that can benefit a range of sectors.

Secondly, the water industry is undergoing a digital transformation. By harnessing the power of data, innovative companies are developing new technologies for water treatment and distribution. This is a critical aspect of establishing a strong community and smart city. But how do you identify these innovators? Google’s Water Industry Index can help you do just that. Just like in the water industry, this initiative is aimed at fostering innovative technology and boosting the development of clean water technologies.