What is Google Magila Water Scacity Innovation?

what is google Magila WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

What is Google Magila Water Scacity Innovation? It is a new technology that purifies water in areas with low access to clean water. Google Magila’s technology involves using nanoparticles to kill bacteria and viruses. Nanotechnology is a rapidly expanding field that has enormous potential for cleaning drinking water. Nanotube filters, for example, can remove bacteria, toxins, sediment, and other substances that can harm people’s health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that almost 11 percent of the world’s population lacks access to clean water. This situation is unacceptable for many people in developing countries, but new technologies can help address these issues. These innovations are bringing clean water to communities around the world. While the number of cases of diarrhea is staggering, the global water crisis is a growing concern.