What is Google Machine Tooling Innovation?

what is google Machine tooling innovation

What is Google’s approach to innovation? Among its strengths is the improvisational nature of its engineering process. Any engineer at Google has the opportunity to develop a new feature or product. The company’s improvisational approach has attracted some of the highest quality engineers and spawned an enormous volume of new ideas. For example, in a recent New York Times article, Google was portrayed as an upstart threatening Microsoft’s dominance in business software applications.

Google excels at IT and business architecture, improvisation, and participatory product development. It balances the chaotic ideation process with systematic processes, and it attracts technical talent to match its rigor. Its culture of high-level innovation attracts many talented people from all over the world; there are as many as 100 applicants for every open position. In the process of innovation, Google has created or acquired a broad range of new offerings and has achieved unprecedented levels of profitability and shareholder equity.