What is Google Airport? Innovation for Airports

what is google Airport innovation

So what is Google Airport? How do they plan to use the technology to help the airport? This new airport might be the future of airports, and it would require a massive investment. If successful, it would be located near cities, making it convenient for commuters. What’s more, this new airport could be one of the first places to test new technology. And who knows, it might even become the first major airport.

The app will make airport workers more efficient. The application will also help users find their flights and terminals faster. Australian advertising agency Ooh Media developed the app, which uses NFC technology. The company is also using the technology in pilot campaigns. While these pilot campaigns are still in the development stage, it seems promising. This new airport technology could help airlines increase efficiency and reduce traveler waiting times. And if it works as planned, it could make airports more accessible to all travelers.

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