Why Does My Cat Knead Me? Learn the Body Language Signs Your Cat Uses to Communicate With You

why does my cat knead me

Do you ever wonder why your cat kneads you? There are a few things you can do to help prevent this behavior. While it may seem like an innocuous behavior, cats are actually instinctively drawn to touch and knead people for comfort. Punishing your cat for this behavior may only lead to a more aggressive and destructive behavior. To avoid causing your cat more harm, learn about the different body language signs your cat uses to communicate with you.

Some cats knead you when they want something. Sometimes it is a snack, a treat, or a scratch behind the ear. Regardless of the reason, this behavior will usually stop after about two years, but in some cases, it may continue. Fortunately, kneading behavior is normal and will eventually stop. It’s also a sign of emotional distress.

Your cat may knead you when you are sleeping, stroking your face, or even when you’re just laying down to sleep. This behavior is an expression of your bond with your cat, and a sign of affection. While your cat may knead you when you are lying down or sleeping, she won’t knead you if you are moving or if you’re standing in the same room as her.

Your cat may knead you as a way to mark his territory. They have scent glands in their paws, and by kneading you, he’s claiming your lap as his. It’s a very natural behavior, but it can be very painful. In some cases, kneading may be a way to release scent and mark his territory.