What is Google Potato?

what is google Potato innovation

So what is the future of the Google Potato? This new innovation is about to receive a boost from the internet. By forming a salt bridge between two metals, the potato can act as a power source for personal electronics. This type of power source is especially useful in underdeveloped, remote areas where electricity is not readily available. Ultimately, this technology could make it possible to power a small mobile phone. Here are some more reasons why this innovation is so exciting.

The social construction of commons recognizes that resources like potato genetics are shared and that the social order is continuously interrelated with technological innovations. In other words, innovations are necessarily limited by their context. The co-production perspective offers a more comprehensive understanding of how potato genetic resources are made available and unlocked. In this perspective, innovation becomes a key mediator in the governance of resources. In fact, the co-production perspective explains that the innovation itself is limited by context.

Moreover, the hybrid potato breeding technique can potentially change the traditional way of sharing genetic material. For instance, breeding companies could be hesitant to share information about breeding programs if the results are not favorable. But this type of technology can potentially draw in new actors and alter the traditional commons. Therefore, the European Patent Office is a valuable source for information. The innovation may also lead to new sharing arrangements, and even exclude traditional actors.