Can You Drink on Antibiotics?

can you drink on antibiotics

One in three adults drinks alcohol and takes antibiotics, so it is a common question: Can you drink on antibiotics? The NHS says that drinking alcohol in moderation is not likely to cause a problem with most common antibiotics. That said, if you’re taking antibiotics and intend to drink alcohol while you’re on them, you may want to talk to your doctor about how much alcohol is safe for you on the medicine.

The effects of alcohol on antibiotics can differ in severity, so it’s best to discuss your treatment with your doctor before you drink alcohol while on antibiotics. Taking alcohol during an antibiotic may intensify side effects, but it won’t make the drug stronger. In fact, alcohol may make antibiotics less effective. So what is the best way to drink alcohol while on antibiotics? Ask your pharmacist. You might want to consider taking an alcohol-free diet. However, if you’re taking an antibiotic for a long time, you should not consume alcohol while you’re on it.

In general, doctors don’t recommend drinking alcohol while on antibiotics. Generally speaking, you should avoid alcohol while on antibiotics for two to three days. If you can’t stop drinking alcohol, talk to your doctor about alternative treatments. You may be able to drink occasionally if you don’t have a medical emergency. You should always be aware of the side effects of alcohol while on antibiotics. Aside from reducing the effectiveness of the drug, it can also increase the risk of developing antibiotic resistance.