Can Hillary Still Win?

can hilary still win

Can Hillary Clinton win? The answer is “yes” if she can win the most votes and hold on to the remaining toss-up states. That said, there are several factors that could give Trump the advantage in these states. While some experts say Clinton isn’t likely to win all three toss-up states, there are other factors that could give Clinton an advantage. One way is to win more than 272 electoral votes. This is possible if Clinton is able to hold on to the remaining firewall states and gain wins in diverse swing states.

First, she has an edge in the national popular vote. The Electoral College votes are weighted by electoral college, and the national popular vote goes to the candidate with the most individual votes. Since Trump has consistently attacked women and minority groups, he has had an impact on the popular vote. Moreover, his campaign’s hostility toward women has helped Clinton’s overall popularity. And this has been proven by local polls.

Second, Clinton needs to convince voters to elect a receptive Congress. Although she has been working hard to win the presidency, she still needs to convince voters to elect a Congress that will work with her. Because of the scandals surrounding her, it’s unlikely the Senate will change hands without a change of leadership. That said, Democrats have a good chance to regain control of the Senate, as 34 of the 100 seats are up for election. Even if Democrats win all of the seats, incumbency is often a decisive factor in deciding a presidential election.