What is the Brand Performance Food Group?

what is the brand performance Food Group

What is the brand Performance Food Group? The company was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1885. It offers a wide variety of food products and services, distributing a variety of brands and private label products to institutions, restaurants, and other food service facilities. The company has three distinct segments, catering to different market segments. Performance Food Group serves independent restaurants and chain restaurants. It also serves institutional customers, which include office coffee and vending service distributors.

The company’s workforce is unusually diverse, with 19.4% of employees identifying themselves as women, and 39.6% being members of ethnic minorities. However, the company’s political diversity is not nearly as diverse as its workforce, with 69.0% of employees identifying as Republicans. The company’s average employee tenure is 3.6 years, with a salary of $42,279 per year. While its workplace diversity is a concern, it is not a reason to avoid working for the company.

The performance of the company’s stock has been robust in recent months, recovering from its earlier crash. Shares of Performance Food Group have recovered to near pre-COVID levels. However, the company faces several challenges, including a vulnerable customer mix, mounting debt, and increased competition. The company’s earnings estimates, meanwhile, seem optimistic based on current macroeconomic conditions. The company’s revenue rose 27.1% in the second quarter of 2017, with Eby-Brown contributing over $4 billion in revenue. In addition, its net sales increased by eight percent.