Innovations in Water Purification – What is Google Fluid Robotics Water Technology?

what is google Fluid Robotics water technology Innovations in Water Purification

You may have heard of Google’s Fluid Robotics water technology, but what is it and what does it do? This robotic system uses artificial intelligence to map underground infrastructure and identify pollution in waterways. Fluid Robotics has since been scaled up to ten cities in India, and the company is working with the Pune Urban Water Challenge to deploy this technology along the Mula-mutha River in India. In a previous project, Fluid Robotics only mapped sewers and stormwater drains, and needed a partner company for water quality analysis.

The company focuses on a Robot-as-a-Service business model, whereby it charges clients based on the scope of their project and the number of robots that are needed for it. Some of the services it offers include topographic surveys, flow surveys, and hydrological modelling, as well as inspection and river rejuvenation projects. The company also offers solutions through tenders.