What is Google Employer?

what is google Employer innovation

Google has introduced a new initiative called Innovation Time Off, which allows employees to work on a project of their choice for four days a week. Employees can use this time to pursue personal projects of their choice, but it has been noticed that some don’t use it at all. This incentive has caused quite a stir, but it has also been said to mark Google out as an innovative company. Companies like Apple and LinkedIn have similar programmes that allow employees to work on projects outside their normal responsibilities. One company, Atlassian, calls its innovation programme 20% time.

Google’s employer brand is a remarkable one, with a culture that has been described as “everything and nothing” by employees. The Google culture offers a unique 1:1 employee experience, and has been recognized by Business Week as a top employer for college students and by a variety of rankings for diverse individuals. As a company, Google does not advertise about itself, but blogs about their culture are a measure of its brand strength.

The company aims to hire people who like challenges and are willing to experiment. It also encourages employees to take on community projects. It also offers career coaching and donates $50 for every five hours of volunteer work that employees perform. The company has an extensive hiring process, and it focuses on attracting and hiring the best talent. The company’s referral policy has worked wonders for Google, as most of its best hires come from referrals.