The E-Commerce Boden Web Site

Ecommerce Boden web site

The E-commerce Boden web site uses learning search technology to provide customers with a customized experience. The site enables visitors to refine their search by age, gender, body shape, style, size, colour, and even type of clothing. Users can also rate products and use ratings and reviews to personalize the shopping experience. As a result, Boden’s web site has a highly-personalized experience and increases visitors’ likelihood of making a purchase.

The company was founded in 1991 and has expanded worldwide since then. The UK-based company has more than two million customers in seven countries. Its revenue is approximately PS300 million and 98% of its sales take place online. The E-commerce Boden web site is one of the company’s biggest investments. The brand’s e-commerce efforts started more than 20 years ago with a simple mail-order catalogue, but a year later the company lost 25% of its revenue. With this in mind, Boden has brought in Phil Lewis from Ralph Lauren to implement the next phase.

To test its web sites, Boden uses thinkTRIBE’s software to monitor and analyze user journeys. The company’s Internet business delivers more than 90 percent of its sales and drives over 12,500 parcels per day. Its web sites serve customers in six countries, with a Eurozone version added recently. It employs sixteen developers and uses a product management and fulfilment system. The company is continuously improving the experience for customers on mobile.