Is My Hymen Broken?


The question, “is my hymen broken?” may be on your mind, but there is no way to guarantee it. Not all hymens look the same. Some bleed more readily during fingering than others. And while bleeding is one of the most common signs of a broken hymen, it is not a guarantee of one. Your hymen may also be too small to cause any pain during sex.

Your hymen may break during childbirth or during pregnancy. You might lose your virginity if you experience either of these events. Some cultures consider that a broken hymen means a woman has lost her virginity. This belief may come from the Greek word “hymenaios”, which means “married”. It may be an ancient cultural custom that women are not allowed to have sex until they are married.

Despite what you may have heard, the hymen doesn’t always break during penetrative sex. Unlike a man’s scrotum, a woman’s hymen stretches with each sex, accommodating various sizes of men and women. That said, some women have no hymen at all. But others will have hymens despite not having sex.

A medical condition known as imperforate hymen is caused by the lining of the uterus covering the hymen. It can cause a woman pain during her period, as well as difficulties passing urine and bowels. Some women also experience difficulties having sex with an imperforate hymen, resulting in a painful period. This condition will require surgery under anaesthetic to remove the abnormal tissue. Hymens undergo changes during puberty, with the vagina thickening with increased hormone levels.