When Can You Catch Shingles?

can you catch shingles

When can you catch shingles?, there are several different factors to consider. People with the disease must remain at home until their rash is crusted over and has no pus. The affected area may be very painful for several weeks after the rash has healed. People who have never had chickenpox may catch shingles from those who have. If you suspect you have shingles, stay home until your rash is dry and crusted. Avoid wearing tight clothing and covering your rash with a non-sticky dressing.

When you catch shingles, the virus stays in your system. It resurfaces as shingles later in life. Generally, people who have had chicken pox once have only one episode. It is rare to develop shingles again. Although chicken pox is often contracted by elderly people, this condition can strike anyone, no matter their age. The good news is that anti-viral medications can help prevent shingles from coming back.

The main risk factor for catching shingles is direct contact with the blister fluid. Although shingles is not contagious before the blisters appear, they are infectious once they start. People who have weakened immune systems should avoid contact with the blisters and stay away from infected people. If you’re infected with shingles, you should seek medical attention immediately, as it can be life-threatening. You can avoid the disease by following the advice of a doctor and following the proper precautions.