What is Motion UI? Innovation in Web Design

what is Motion UI innovation

When developing software, a design that uses animation can help a user accomplish their goals. Motion design principles can help users learn about the elements that affect their goals and find relevant information. Increasingly, design software allows users to produce animations of their own. Many of these programs have integrations for animation timelines. Adobe After Effects, for example, is a popular choice. To create animations in a streamlined manner, you can use Adobe After Effects.

Another common use of motion is to guide users through an application. It can guide users through a web page, for example, by morphing a content box into a different screen. With motion, a user’s eye follows a predetermined path that highlights the most relevant content. It also helps users identify the most important content on a page more quickly. As the user scrolls down a page, different items cascade in, highlighting important facts or information.

With the introduction of motion UI design, developers can now create an impressive array of animations quickly. By beginning with base animations and adding motion modifiers to control their speed, direction, ease, iteration, and delay, developers can easily create a wide range of motion. The key to success with motion UI design is simplicity. While you’re building a website with motion UI, keep in mind these principles and you’ll be well on your way to a smooth and seamless user experience.