What Is Intimacy?


Intimacy can be defined as a feeling of being accepted and respected by another human being. A person who is genuinely interested in your life can be considered an intimate partner, as they can make you feel supported, respected, and collaborated with. Without this element, a relationship will feel less than nourishing. Intimacy is essential to relationship health, and a person can never feel completely comfortable with another person who is not interested in the same things they do.

Intimacy with another human being often involves emotional risks, such as sharing personal stories and details. While sexual intimacy is often associated with emotional intimacy, this type of closeness does not always come automatically with it. A person can develop emotional intimacy with a partner who nurtures the relationship more. However, it takes a while to develop, and requires patience and understanding. It requires trust and vulnerability. This is why so many people seek the company of close friends.

The word intimacy has several meanings. It may be defined as the degree to which two individuals share their innermost qualities. It can involve physical contact or it may be a psychologically or emotionally intimate bond. Both partners are equally important to intimacy, and the deeper the bond between two people, the more intimate and meaningful it is. For example, a father and his son might have a strong bond while building a model train. Their cooperation creates a rhythm and they are able to share a unique part of their lives with each other.