What is Google Mobile-First Development? Innovation For Webmasters

what is google MobileFirst Development innovation

So, what is Google Mobile-First Development? and what does it mean for webmasters? Google announced this innovation back in March, but it was rolled out piecemeal, so it was difficult to assess. In September, however, it started sending notifications to webmasters. Read on to find out more. This innovation is changing the way webmasters should develop their sites. If you’re considering making changes to your site, consider this:

First, Google indexes websites based on the mobile versions of those pages. The changes affect only sites that have a mobile version and are responsive to mobile-friendly content. This is not a replacement for a separate index. Mobile-friendly websites will be ranked higher in Google’s search results. Mobile-friendly websites will likely rank higher than those that aren’t, and it’s a good thing.

Second, Google is now emphasizing speed. In addition to using AMP, Google uses a mobile-only standard known as AMP, which uses HTML5 markup. The pages are uploaded almost instantly and are validated by Google. Google’s focus on AMP has changed the discussion around website design. Using AMP-based technology will improve user experience on mobile devices. You can expect your website to be indexed faster, which will increase your chances of ranking in Google’s SERPs.

Second, Google prioritizes mobile-first websites. This means that your site should be responsive to mobile devices and be easy to use for users. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google won’t index it at all. Lastly, you can expect your website to perform better in search engine rankings. This innovation is critical for webmasters, as it increases conversion rates. It’s also the best way to increase website traffic.