What is the Brand Sony?

what is the brand Sony

The SONY brand is a fading afterthought in the consumer electronics market. This is largely due to the company’s excessive and diverse portfolio. SONY produces numerous products in many sub-brands, leaving its consumers to choose which one best fits their needs. By contrast, Apple has many sub-brands, but consumers only buy the APPLE brand. This lack of polish is evident in Sony’s mediocre performance in the consumer electronics market.

The PlayStation was launched in 2001, but it failed to catch on because consumers wanted an integrated experience. Its owners did not necessarily own other products from the company. It is a lagging brand, and PlayStation owners do not necessarily own other SONY products. Apple’s Mac platform has allowed it to develop a unified brand with products such as the iPod and iTunes. Apple is so successful, it gets all the credit for the success of its products. Steve Jobs planned Apple as a lifestyle rather than a company.

Although Sony is still a global player, it still has a strong presence in India. The company has strong distribution networks in all major cities, including Mumbai and Delhi. Over 300 outlets and 20,000 dealers are part of the Sony network across the country. The company also has a strong service presence in the country, including 25 branch locations and 365 service centers. The brand’s success can be attributed to its innovative technology and solid brand name.