What is Google Cell? Innovation? And What Does it Mean For Consumers?

what is google Cell innovation

Recently, Google executive Sundar Pichai announced plans to introduce wireless phone service in the US. The company is already a key player in the smart phone industry, having jumped into that space with the Android operating system and later got involved in hardware by designing its Nexus line of phones. By offering its own wireless service, Google hopes to expand its customer base beyond just tech users. What is Google Cell? innovation? And what does it mean for consumers?

Google aims to convince phone manufacturers and carriers to integrate the company’s open source operating system in phones. The move would give Google more control over mobile phones, which could potentially lead to easier placement of ads. Google hopes to reclaim its original mission by shifting the control from phone manufacturers and carriers to its new venture. However, it is unclear whether the program will launch soon or not. If successful, the company may have a difficult time competing with companies like Apple and Microsoft.