What is Google Aunt and What Can Other Companies Learn From It?

what is google Aunt innovation

If you’re wondering, “What is Google Aunt?” then you’re in the right place. It’s a highly analytical company that’s based in California and is a leader in search and online advertising. Its innovation decision-making process is highly democratic and analytic. But what’s so innovative about Google Aunt? And what can other companies learn from it? Read on to find out. Here’s an insider’s view.

Google treats its employees like their most valuable asset. They have jam-packed offices for maximum communication and conduct all-hands meetings every Friday. They have numerous interviews. And they treat new employees like family. It’s no wonder Google has a low turnover rate and a high level of employee satisfaction. But, what makes Google unique is its attention to detail. Everything it does extends its reach. It is informational kudzu – a company that internalizes the principle of information organization. It organizes information based on its users’ intent. To emulate this company, companies should understand its basic directives underpinning their huge infrastructure and ostensible chaos.