Is it Possible For Black People to Be Racist?

can black people be racist

Is it possible for black people to be racist? This is one question many people wonder about. In this article, we’ll look at how racism can manifest itself in different forms. For example, consider the phenomenon of ‘Smash or Pass’ on YouTube. This video game phenomenon involves players of the opposite sex rating one another, and this leads to a discussion about racism. While some people have been accused of being racist, others have said that they’ve witnessed the opposite.

In the first definition, racism is any behaviour that is based on racial differences. The term ‘racial prejudice’ refers to the way in which a group of people acts against others. Racism manifests itself in different forms and is internalized by those ostracized. This is called pigmentocracy. While black people cannot be racist, they can be discriminatory. To make that definition more concrete, we should look at the history of racism against black people in America.

While some cultures are inherently racist, others are not. Aside from being ignorant of one’s own culture, people of other races can be racist. Some groups believe that Arabs are part of a supremacist system, based on their involvement in the slave trade and the continued existence of slavery in the Sudan. In contrast, Pan-Africanists are more accepting of Arabs. The difference is not that different races are racist, but that racism has its limits.