Can Trump Still Win the Presidency in 2024?

can trump still win

Can Trump still win the presidency in 2024? If everything goes right, he’ll have a good shot of winning. Unlike in 2016, when he didn’t win the popular vote, he won the Electoral College. It’s not an impossible scenario, but one that doesn’t make the prospect of a Trump second term attractive. Regardless, it remains to be seen how the Electoral College will play out.

The first presidential debate revealed some troubling trends. Trump got dirty at the start, which didn’t sit well with suburban women, a key voting demographic in this election. But, he was able to reassure those who were worried about his age. “I’m a little bit older than your father,” said Stellabotte, a retired teacher who had recently read about the Trump campaign’s legal problems.

The Electoral College must meet on December 14 to “elect” Trump. As of now, there are several ways that this could happen. In Florida, for example, 537 votes decided the election. Trump’s lawyers have already spread out hundreds of lawyers to impede postal ballot counting. And now, he’s publicly declared that he wants to slow down postal ballot counting. And there’s a good chance he won’t get those votes.

The election results are also a little less clear in Pennsylvania. The mean polling figures in that state show him ahead by about 10 points. This means that a small change in a key state could mean a huge win. And, while polls aren’t perfect, a few hundred votes can make a difference. But the question remains, can Trump still win? It’s still too early to know for sure if he will get the nomination.