What is the Purpose of Education?


What is the purpose of Education? Education is the deliberate process by which a person acquires knowledge and skills that will make them better people. It is the goal of education to mold a child’s personality, so that he will develop into a responsible member of society. Education fosters a young person’s growth into a mature adult by allowing him to become proficient in an area of interest, relate to others, and exercise dominance over his environment.

Generally, education promotes individual and social development. It is a major factor in ensuring the prosperity of humanity and society. However, its purpose goes beyond this. Though education is primarily concerned with fostering economic success, it can also benefit individual development. Education aims to create a strong foundation for personal fulfillment. It can include practical experiences that are outside of the classroom. Ultimately, it can lead to a better life. It is the most powerful weapon that you can equip yourself with.

In education, the guiding eidos is an idea or picture that allows the person to flourish. It is a disposition that enables a person to act wisely in various situations, and it is this guiding eidos that motivates educators to educate their students. However, in many cases, education can drift into merely entertainment and containment. As a result, educators are often too concerned with the immediate needs of learners and not enough with broadening their horizons.