What is Google Science Innovation?

what is google science innovation innovation

What is Google science innovation? Google’s science innovation efforts have a number of applications, and the company’s new ventures are a good example of this. Its recent acquisition of Boston Dynamics and the unveiling of its Spot robotic dog are both impressive examples. Spot is a canine that can move on varied terrain and obey voice commands. Bristol Robotics Laboratory director Chris Melhuish referred to it as a “phenomenal piece of technology.”

Students from across the world can enter the Google science fair to showcase their projects and receive valuable feedback from a panel of judges. Whether it is underwater propulsion, fighting cyberbullying, or inventing a robotic system, a Google Science Fair project can be anything but boring. And students can win a $50,000 scholarship for their work, which is an additional bonus! As an added bonus, winning a Google science fair entry carries the name of Google, so the students’ work is also recognized worldwide.