What is Google Philosophy?

what is google Philosophy innovation

What is the Google Philosophy? To answer that question, Google leaders studied the human mind to better understand how it works. Google founders were very concerned with the comfort and convenience of their employees and therefore created an environment similar to that of a home. The company has a diverse culture, but the common culture is that of a high-quality work environment. Google believes in encouraging ideas and opinions and encourages people to contribute freely.

While the majority of Google management principles emphasize openness and experimentation, a few principles stress the repressive side of work. According to Marissa Mayer, creativity loves constraints. In addition to being open to innovation, Google encourages deferred work, which means that its engineers are performing leisure that is interpellated by the opposite. The Google philosophy is perhaps a preview of capitalist ‘endgame’. In fact, this philosophy is based on the ideas that people are not satisfied with a ‘one-sided’ process of work.

Slavoj Zizek compares Google to a liberal communist regime. He describes Google as a classical normative control model. Zizek argues that Google embodies this anti-capitalist spirit. In this respect, Google’s philosophy is not unlike the neo-normative philosophy of the World Economic Forum. However, Zizek has taken a radical stance on this issue.