What is Google Oil Shale?

If you’ve been wondering “What is Google Oil shale?” you’re not alone. The technology behind this unconventional form of oil production has passed every stage of oil production and is now available for mass production. However, the problem is that oil shale is still trapped deep inside the rock, where it remains trapped in solid form. However, scientists have devised a way to release it. This process begins much like the extraction of crude oil – by pumping it to the surface, where it needs to be refined and retorted.

The technology behind fracking has been around for decades, but only recently has it been applied to domestic oil and gas production. Mitchell Energy was responsible for the invention of a cost-efficient method to extract gas from shale rocks. It was named the most important innovation of the 21st century by the Financial Times and helped bolster the American economy and global influence. In fact, some experts believe that the Iran nuclear deal wouldn’t have happened without shale fracking.