What is Google Loss? Fear of Failure is the Kryptonite of Innovation

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal questioned the question, “What is Google Loss?” It is not the end of the world, but it does point to one recurring theme in the decline of large companies: the fear of failure. Fear of failure is the kryptonite of innovation. It is time to start celebrating mistakes as a way to unleash creativity. Despite the fact that Google is light years away from your average small business, its innovation methods are remarkably similar to those of the smaller ones.

Google’s dominant position in the online advertising and search market allows it to monetize almost all of its innovations without charging users. This allows it to grow its share of advertising exposures and improve its search algorithms by scanning user data. In December, Google began placing Chrome advertisements on the search page, which had previously been free of clutter. The move has caused many to question how Google can continue to operate Amazon in such a way as to maximize its stock price.