What is Google Bacon Innovation?

what is google Bacon innovation

What is Google Bacon innovation? This question has been haunting us for quite some time. We have all heard of the company’s Google+ page, but do we know why Bacon is being mentioned here? Well, let’s take a look. In his early days, he was working on distributed computing, a method of running many computers from different locations. His main task was to triangulate the positions of the moving computers, and he and his colleague developed a simulation system to test their algorithm. The system has been used since for about 10 years.

In the mid-80s, Bacon was still studying literature and creative writing at Columbia University. After exploring the field of literature, he went back to computer science and earned his BA. It was at Columbia that he became interested in research and development. As a sophomore, he worked with Columbia University professor David Shaw on a supercomputer project. He was tasked with creating a programming language that would allow him to program the machine.

Bacon has over a dozen patents and 30 publications. He has won several awards for his research. In 2005, he received the IBM Outstanding Innovation Award for his work on “Metronome” technology. In 1998, he received the IBM Research Division Award for his work on “Thin Locks”. In 2005, his paper on this project was selected as one of the 50 most influential papers from the last 20 years of the ACM conference.