What is Google A Plus Smart Farms Water Scarcity Innovation?

what is google A plus Smart Farms WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

So, what is the latest innovation in water purification? What are the benefits of smart water systems? What are the startup companies doing? Here are some examples. Google’s A plus Smart Farms has been making waves in the water industry. These companies are doing innovative work in water purification. These startups are tackling the problem of water scarcity and pollution in cities.

One such company, Agrila, is bringing desalination to the next level by creating an IoT-based sensor station. The system is solar-powered and measures a variety of vital parameters. It provides real-time alerts on mobile and web applications and produces detailed reports and charts on the sensors’ data. The data from these sensors is then analyzed and incorporated into a variety of ways.

Despite its potential benefits, water scarcity is a sobering reality. In many places, water infrastructure is crumbling and billions of gallons of treated water are wasted each year. Meanwhile, more than seven hundred million people are suffering from contaminated water. In fact, an estimated 502,000 people die from diarrhea every year. Clean water is a critical part of human health. Fortunately, new technologies are bringing clean water to communities in need.