What is Carnal?


What does carnal mean? The word carnal is defined as “the pleasures of the flesh” and is found in the Bible. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and Hebrews reference carnal desires. The Bible also refers to gluttony and the sinful desire for pleasure. It is important to note that carnal desires are often illegal and many states have laws against them. Those who indulge in carnal behavior should seek to abstain from such behaviors.

The word carnal, which means flesh, is often used to describe unconverted people. The carnal mind is in enmity with God and is a major cause of the sins of envy and strife. The weapons of Christian spiritual warfare, therefore, are not carnal or human but spiritual. The Bible says that we should not follow the commandments of the carnal mind, which are “evil” and “unholy.”

The word carnal, which comes from the Greek word sarkikos, means “fleshly.” Christians who live by this definition are motivated by their fleshly desires. The Bible defines carnal lusts as human desires, including the lust for beauty and the desire for pleasure. These lusts are often accompanied by pride, which are both carnal traits. But these sins are not a cause of a Christian’s sinfulness.

A Christian can be carnal for a time, but a Christian cannot live in this state forever. Those who are spirit-led will grow and mature in the Lord. Those who are carnal will never be able to present their bodies as living sacrifices. As Paul was accused of living carnally, Paul responded by bragging, which led to an apology later on. Ultimately, a Christian’s spiritual life depends on his willingness to obey the commandments of the Holy Spirit and avoid the temptation of earthly pleasures.